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Carry In Computer Repair FAQ
Carry In Computer and Laptop Repair FAQ



Q - Where do I plug everything back into my computer?

A - Your monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and network cable plug into the back of your computer.  See diagram of ports on a typical computer.  If you have any questions about re-connecting your computer cables please give us a call.  704-307-4374

Q - Do you take credit cards?

A - Yes.  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Q - How long will you have my computer?

A - We will typically have your computer ready for pickup in 1 to 2 business days.  If you have a rush
order let us know and we will do everything we can to get it done as soon as possible.

Q - Will you come to my house to repair my computer?

A - We do not offer on-site repair for home customers.  However we do offer remote support.  Using Team Viewer we can connect to your computer remotely and clean viruses and Malware/Spyware.  To request remote support goto On-site repair is available for business customers only.  For more information Click Here.

Q - What should I bring with my computer?

A - Desktop computers only need to bring the computer itself.  Cords/cables, keyboards, mouse, or monitors are not needed.  Laptops owners should bring the laptop and power cord.

If a Windows installation is needed, you will need to bring any software that came with your computer and also any software you would like reinstalled.  Don't have the CD's that came with your computer?  That's okay, your computer should have a Windows product ID sticker and we can reinstall Windows using that.

Q - How can your drop-off services be so inexpensive?

A - Most of the work cleaning or reinstalling an operating system is "click and wait" which allows us to work on several computers simultaneously.  Also, when you bring your computer to us we save time and money on pick up and delivery.


Q - Do you repair printers?

A - We do not do printer or copier repair work.

Q - Will I lose my files if you have to reinstall Windows?

A - No. We backup all your data, pictures, documents, music, videos, email, Internet favorites, and
desktop settings before reinstalling Windows.

Q - Is replacement or new hardware included in the price?

A - Hardware is not included in the $75 price.  If hardware is needed we will let you know the extra cost
before doing any work.

Q - Are you open on the weekends?

A - Need to drop-off or pickup your computer over the weekend?  Just let us know and we will schedule a time over the weekend.


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